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So, I’ve had this blog set up for well over a month now and have written exactly zero posts…not counting this one, of course. I attribute this to my perfectionist personality which keeps me deleting and rewriting until the wee hours of the morning until I’m left with a word (usually the), and the fact that my occasional self-centered fears convince me that EVERYONE will read this post, ultimately decide I’m of little value to the internet community, laugh heartily at my attempts, and witness WordPress banning me from their site due to falling numbers. Inevitably the internet would break down due to my influence, anarchy would ensue, I’m pretty sure 80’s bangs would come back into fashion, and I’d be left feeling a little guilty. Self-absorption is a harsh mistress.

All humor – or attempts at such – aside, the truth is I’ve been silent far too long. In waiting for the perfect words I have lost my words all together. And what sort of life is that, except a half life (I think I’m quoting a movie now). But frankly, a half life just won’t do. Not anymore. I would rather risk sounding foolish from time to time and live as me than to remain the sleeping shadow of other people’s opinions. So laugh, cry, criticize, praise and rage. I prefer it. That said, um, welcome to my blog and enjoy!


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