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How I torment my dog…

And my dog looks up at me with loathing as she dons her new raincoat.

Why buy a rain jacket for a dog? For sheer entertainment. Really, there’s no other reason – at least not for my dog. Scout actually didn’t mind the coat so much as me laughing at her in it. And for those of you who know my dog, laughing is a no-no. But I found the rain jacket hinders her ability to lunge and bite at the offending laugher, so I enjoyed several minutes of bite-free belly laughing before she turned and began chewing on the kitchen chair.


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And March lumbers in like a great big polar bear…

Cold morning on the farm.


Apparently Polar Bears are stealthy because March snuck up on me. I was standing in line to get coffee this morning after my yoga class – because the yoga only made me more exhausted – when a friend asked if I had my comic strip online yet. My usual reply is to do a quick mental check of the date, add a month on and say I’m working on it and a website will be ready by sometime in the next month, this way sounding as if I’m really working hard and not coming off as the procrastinator that I am. But March being a sneaky fellow and February not giving so much as a “see ya next year” as he slipped out the door, I replied “Yeah, it’s in the works and I’m hoping to have it ready by mid-march”, when suddenly I realized, crap, it is March! So, here I am having been caught in my own little web of procrastination and constant “put off until tomorrow” mentality, and I’m not happy with it. In fact, I’m a little disappointed in it. But there’s something I’ve discovered in the past few months…I can change. What a lovely feeling. So, with coffee in hand and the lead taken from my butt, let’s get this website going!

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